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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Visuo was created with the goal of helping business owners & leaders to enhance how they engage with their customers to drive better sales & retention outcomes using latest in technology, innovation & customer engagement frameworks.


Our team brings together a unique blend of creative talent & engineering capability, with experience across multiple sectors, including financial services (banking, investments, insurance, retirement), professional services (IT, business services, legal, accounting), retail / e-commerce, and marketing (agency, video production), giving us a distinctive edge in understanding our clients and what will engage their customers.


Visuo is a global business with offices in the US and Australia.


Let’s chat to see how we can help you Enhance Your Customer Engagement!


Our Team


Lap-Tin Tsun

Founder & CEO


Daniel Le'au

Chief Technology Officer


Steven Schachter

Partnerships Director (North America)


Adriaan Vlok

Chief Product Officer


Dirk Van Rensberg

Senior Developer


Jonathan Farrell

Partnerships Director (Asia Pacific)

News & Updates

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