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Fully Personalized, Scalable Videos for Brands & Businesses - Available Now!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

In our modern always-online age, we are constantly being bombarded with marketing.

In fact, the typical person will have 80+ unique marketing interactions a day. Whenever you:

- Open a marketing email,

- View an ad on a website,

- Get an in-app promotion,

- Watch a video on Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc.

The reality is that cut-through and effective engagement for brands & businesses is one of the biggest challenges today, when there are a myriad of choices and millions of little distractions competing for a customer's attention.

So what's the strategic marketer's answer? Personalization.

From Google to Facebook, IG, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, etc., personalization is a massive part of the fuel that drives these companies' ability to engage and convert their customers more effectively than their peers.

And so it's the same with video marketing. And at Visuo we're excited to announce the next generation, the holy grail of Video Personalization - Fully Personalized Videos.

What's a Fully Personalized Video?

The limitation to date with video personalization has always been that it's been limited primarily to text, e.g. "Hi John".

But the most effective forms of personalization have always been subtle, subconscious, and below the user's observable threshold.


- Google's ability to personalize ads (based on your search history)

- Facebook's ability to recommend posts & groups of interest (based on your interactions)

- Amazon's product recommendations (based on purchase history or interests)

With our Real-Time Personalization Video Service, we can customize the ENTIRE video to fit the viewer. From footage, to audio, to text. Every part of the video can be personalized based on the customer's:

- Demographic,

- Location,

- Employment,

- Interests,

- Search / purchase history, and more!

This powerful capability allows us to create Fully Personalized Videos that connect with customers on a deeper, and more personal level than ever before. And effective in engagement because it works on a subconscious level, without the "creepiness" factor that "above the line", text-only personalizations can inadvertently create.

For brands, this means cut-through and effective engagement when it matters most, with the most effective form of marketing - Video!

From acquisition to explainers, educational to welcome videos, our Real-Time Personalization can personalize at scale almost any type of video to suit your objectives & target market.

We call it: One narrative; Infinite possibilities

Here's an example of a personalized welcome video for a super fund:

What about customer data privacy?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. We understand that for many businesses, protecting the privacy and integrity of your customer data is paramount. That's why our Real-Time Personalization service doesn't require ANY personally identifiable at all.

Our personalization can work with just the most basic of data, for example - 35, female, living in Melbourne.

Completely depersonalized, unidentifiable information. But more than enough for our Real-Time Personalization service to create a highly personalized video just like one you can see in the example above.

Powerful, scalable, and effective customer engagement.

Is it time to take your marketing & engagement to the next level?

There's no time like the present. Visuo is delivering the future of video marketing - today!

Contact us to book a demo and see how Fully Personalized Videos can help transform your business for the future.


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