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Professional Services

Differentiate to Acquire & Retain More Clients

With the hundreds & thousands of professional & business services businesses around, and new ones popping up all the time, standing out has never been harder.

What helps differentiate a great services business from an average one? It all comes down to the customer experience.

A unique customer experience that helps to tell your story -  Differentiate & Demonstrate Your Value - to drive:

  1. Better Customer Acquisition

  2. Better Retention, and ultimately

  3. More Satisfied Clients

Business meeting

Case Studies & Examples

Following are a selection of examples & demos of Personalized Video Experiences for Professional Services businesses

Personalized Event Invitation Video

Events - Startup&Angels

With the end of COVID restrictions, events & conferences are back with a vengeance.

However, getting your invitation standing out from amongst the hundreds of other events is a challenge.

That's why Startup&Angels commissioned this Personalized Event Invitation video - to offer a unique & personalized experience to capture their members' attention & increase event acceptance & attendance.

Personalized B2B Engagement / Cross-Sell Video

IT Managed Services - Smartech Business Systems

This video was developed for Smartech as a way to deliver rich, personalized engagement to their B2B clients in a scalable, low-touch manner.

The video provides, in a very easy-to-deliver way:

  1. Regular touchpoints with important, high-ticket clients

  2. Along with opportunities to cross-sell / up-sell additional services from Smartech

Personalized B2B Re-engagement Video

Business Hardware & Services - Concept

Businesses are one of the biggest consumers of regular office hardware & services - and are important accounts for every professional or business services operator.

This Personalized B2B Re-engagement video was designed to re-engage key accounts at specific times predicted by our AI based on the purchase & usage history of clients - to help drive re-engagement & conversion with the products and/or services most relevant to each client.

Personalized Pre-Event Video

Events - Intrigue MadTECH Summit

Although business events are back in vogue post-covid, attendee engagement & ensuring maximium attendance is still a challenge for event organizers - even more so with the flurry of events back on the horizon.

This Personalized Pre-Event Video is designed to:

  1. Engage & help remind attendees of the event

  2. Reinforce the value of the event by serving up sessions that are relevant & of interest to each attendee based on their interests, role, preferences, etc., and

  3. Deliver personalized & targeted offers which may of additional interest to each attendee to help optimize engagement

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