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Retail & eCommerce

Boost Your Conversions & Grow More Sales

With the retail / eCommerce industry buffeted by rising living costs, greater competition, as well as changes from the major social media & advertising platforms, retailers are facing a triple threat of:

  1. Sales that take longer & are harder to convert

  2. Higher marketing & acquisition costs

  3. Profit margins being squeezed from all sides

That's why its more critical now than ever that you can Differentiate & Demonstrate Your Value to help maximize the value of every lead, customer & sale for your business.

Visuo can help you to convert more sales, grow your cart value, and recover abandoned sales with the power of Personalized Video Experiences that work in real-time @ POS.

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Case Studies & Examples

Following are a selection of examples & demos of Personalized Video Experiences for Retail & eCommerce businesses

Personalized Product & Partner Promotional Video

All Retail / eCommerce - Concept

72% of consumers say they now only engage with personalized messaging that's tailored to their interests.

Visuo's Personalized Product / Partner Promotional Videos leverages our proprietary AI to deliver highly personalized offers in real-time to your customer - packaged in a visually-rich, engaging format that grabs their attention, and drives engagement & conversion.

Personalized Product Promotional Video

FMCG - Lavazza / FoodTech

This particular Personalized Video was created for Lavazza as part of their FoodTech event.

It combines known user attributes (e.g. search, preferences, purchase history) and Lavazza's extensive product catalogue to deliver emotionally engaging offers, individually tailored to the specific interests of each customer.

Personalized Abandoned Cart Recovery Video

Tech / Custom / High-Ticket Purchases - Mwave

Abandoned shopping carts are one of the biggest sunk costs for online retailers in terms of lost sales & marketing spend.

Mwave - a major online tech retailer - asked Visuo to develop a personalized video that could be delivered in real-time on their website to recover customers that had gone idle or at risk of abandoning their carts.

The Personalized Abandoned Cart video is designed to disrupt and re-engage the customer to drive conversion & completion of the sale using a combination of audio / visual cues alongside personalized offers that create a sense of urgency to complete the purchase.

Personalized Cart Completion Video

Online Retail / eCommerce - Concept

With consistent cart abandonment rates of over 80% across the eCommerce industry, online retailers waste lots of valuable time, money & effort on sales that ultimately just don't convert.

Personalized Cart Completion videos are designed to address this issue by engaging & driving conversion in real-time, at the instant the cart is at risk of abandonment.

A dynamic & powerful way to maximize your conversion & sales on autopilot.

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