Standardised Video Library

More Than Just A Video Library

Production-ready content ready at your fingertips - at a fraction of the cost and time


Maximise the Value of Your Content

As every agency or production company knows, it doesn’t take very long to end up with loads of video content all over the place – uncategorised, unorganised, and an on-going cost to your business to store and maintain.

But what if you could turn that footage – footage which has been infused with your blood, sweat, and creative tears – and turn it into a valuable asset that can help you create videos faster and easier for your clients?

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Image by Martin Adams

More Than Just A Video Library

The Standardised Video Library is an industry-grade, cloud-based solution that lets you turn all of your past, present, and future footage, into searchable, production-ready assets that you can use in an instant.

And with our Adobe plug-in, you don’t even have to change your workflow. It’s like having your very own stock library at your fingertips.

How It Works

What makes the Standardised Video Library different is our proprietary Video Production workflow, which can take your footage and turn it into a production-ready asset in minutes

Add Videos

Upload your footage directly into the Video Library or via API


Our workflow trims, classifies, and enhances your footage into a production-ready state in no time at all

Review & Approve

Once you approve the content it's now ready for use. Accessible from the library, Adobe, or the Video Creator. Easy!


Quick Turnaround

Nobody likes waiting. We can have your content processed and ready for use by you and your team in minutes after it's been uploaded*

(* Service levels depend on selected plan)

Integrated with Adobe

Our custom Adobe plug-in brings the power of the Video Library straight into Premiere Pro.

Drag & drop videos from the Video Library straight into your timeline. Maximum productivity with minimal fuss

Always Available

As a fully cloud-based solution, the Video Library is accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world to suit the needs of you and your team

Manage Your Video Assets

Manage all of your digital video assets conveniently in one place. Full tracking of what and how often content is being used, plus support for timed content ensure you're always compliant with your licensing agreements


Whether you've got 100 or 10,000 hours of footage, our platform is completely scalable to handle your content needs

Search & Find Videos

No more having to scour through folders and hundreds of videos to find what you need. The Video Library turns all of your footage into searchable content, organised by folders to save you time and energy when looking for what you need

Secure Backup & Archive

Get rid of all those pesky hard drives and backups.

Not only does the Video Library give you access to production-ready versions of your content, we also keep an original copy of your footage so it's always available if you need it

Easy to Implement

Getting your team set up on the Video Library is easy. No special software or tools required, and minimum impact to your existing processes & workflows.

Your team can start benefiting from the power of the Video Library the moment the  first video gets uploaded.


Starting from less than $100 p/m, we've designed the Standardised Video Library to be an affordable and cost-effective solution for creators, agencies, and brands of all sizes

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