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Wealth Management

Demonstrate Your Value

The Wealth Management industry faces a unique quandary:

  • Savvier customers with greater access to financial knowledge & tools than ever before;

  • But also a perceived lack of value & lack of trust in the people & organizations that make up the industry

Now, more than ever, it is critical that you can Differentiate & Demonstrate Your Value to Your Customers - not just by comparing fees or investment performance...

But by offering a better customer experience that will engage & keep them coming back for more - optimizing you for success & growth.

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Case Studies & Examples

Following are a selection of examples & demos of Personalized Video Experiences for Wealth Management businesses

Personalized Welcome Video

Investments / Superannuation / Advice - Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical commissioned Visuo to develop a Personalized Welcome Video to provide a better & more tailored experience for new members joining their fund.

Each video is personalized to the member to:

  1. Welcome them to the fund,

  2. Reiterate the value (benefits & features) of being a member, and

  3. Drive CTAs, e.g. rollover, setup investment plan, speak with an adviser, etc.

Personalized Abandoned Quote Video

Insurance - SherpaTech

Insurance is often considered by customers to be a "grudge" purchase with low interest & engagement.

This personalized video was commissioned by SherpaTech to help them recover customers lost during the quotation process.

The personalized video boosts recovery of lost customers by:

  1. Demonstrating understanding of the clients' particular circumstances

  2. Reiterating the value of insurance; and

  3. Driving CTAs to complete the quote process or speak with a team member for more information

Personalized SOA Summary Video

Advice - Concept

SOAs (Statement of Advice) are a stable of financial planning. However, they are also highly complex, technical documents that few clients read or fully understand.

Personalized SOA summary videos are an elegant way to provide clients with a tangible, interactive & easy-to-digest summary of the outcomes & recommendations of their review, as a supplement to the formal SOA document.

Personalized Client Acquisition Video

Advice / Investment / Superannuation - Concept

Acquiring new clients is one of the most expensive costs for any wealth management business.

Personalized Client Acquisition videos work in real-time as prospective clients are on your digital domains (e.g. website, mobile, etc.) to:

  1. Engage them with personalized content tailored to their needs & profile

  2. Help differentiate & demonstrate your value, and

  3. Drive conversion - book, buy or chat with you

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