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Wealth Management

Demonstrate Your Value

The Wealth Management industry faces a unique quandary:

  • Savvier customers with greater access to financial knowledge & tools than ever before;

  • But also a perceived lack of value & lack of trust in the people & organizations that make up the industry

Now, more than ever, it is critical that you can Differentiate & Demonstrate Your Value to Your Customers - not just by comparing fees or investment performance...

But by offering a better customer experience that will engage & keep them coming back for more - optimizing you for success & growth.

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Case Studies & Examples

Following are a selection of examples & demos of Personalized Video Experiences for Wealth Management businesses

Personalized Welcome Video

Investments / Superannuation / Advice - Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical commissioned Visuo to develop a Personalized Welcome Video to provide a better & more tailored experience for new members joining their fund.

Each video is personalized to the member to:

  1. Welcome them to the fund,

  2. Reiterate the value (benefits & features) of being a member, and

  3. Drive CTAs, e.g. rollover, setup investment plan, speak with an adviser, etc.

Personalized Abandoned Quote Video

Insurance - SherpaTech

Insurance is often considered by customers to be a "grudge" purchase with low interest & engagement.

This personalized video was commissioned by SherpaTech to help them recover customers lost during the quotation process.

The personalized video boosts recovery of lost customers by:

  1. Demonstrating understanding of the clients' particular circumstances

  2. Reiterating the value of insurance; and

  3. Driving CTAs to complete the quote process or speak with a team member for more information

Personalized Advice Summary Video

Advice - Concept

Across the financial services industry customers constantly struggle with documents that contain lots of highly technical jargon & legalese.

Instead, videos like this Personalized Advice Summary are an effective, simple & elegant way to provide clients with a tangible & easy-to-understand summary of the key points they need to know or care about.

Ideal for complicated technical documents like T&Cs, product disclosures, statements, etc.

Personalized Client Acquisition Video

Advice / Investment / Superannuation - Concept

Acquiring new clients is one of the most expensive costs for any wealth management business.

Personalized Client Acquisition videos work in real-time as prospective clients are on your digital domains (e.g. website, mobile, etc.) to:

  1. Engage them with personalized content tailored to their needs & profile

  2. Help differentiate & demonstrate your value, and

  3. Drive conversion - book, buy or chat with you

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