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Employee Experience
& Engagement

Further Your Employee Experience

Good talent is always hard to come by.

And when studies show that new employees who receive a poor onboarding experience are 90% more likely to leave within their first 3 months - it pays to give the best employee experience you can.

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The Future of Employee Experience, Engagement & Onboarding

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Case Studies & Examples

Following are a selection of examples & demos of Personalized Video Experiences for Employee Experience & Onboarding

Personalized Employee Onboarding Video

Employee Onboarding - Westpac

New employees that receive a positive onboarding experience are 82% more likely to stay with their new employer.


A Personalized Employee Onboarding video provides a warm & engaging way to welcome new employees into a new organization, help ease them into their first days in the company, and create a sense of belonging & buy-in with your EVP - in a simple, yet highly effective package that's quick & easy to implement!

The Future of Employee Experience, Engagement & Onboarding

Get a copy of our complimentary handbook

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